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posted Jan 5, 2012, 11:59 AM by Ray Nelson

Sometimes when things appear to be spiraling out of control, it’s easy to forgot everyone’s effort to overcome the circumstances and make everything a success.   It’s time for me to correct that oversight by  personally thanking our students and especially our Black Belts for their hard work and dedication.    The remarkable spirit of our dojo was plainly evident during our eight days of karate testing (2 classes) this past month.  Due to limited facilities and the start of a new quarter, our classes had to split our kyu-grade testing over several nights in an attempt to cover all of the testing material.   Even through fire alarms, no lights, broken shop-vacs, and horrible weather, we overcame the obstacles and worked to make the close of 2011 a remarkable one

Again, I really appreciate all of the Atlanta area Black Belts that are always willing to pitch in when needed.  We cannot change the inevitable or the past, but we can control our attitude and how we react to our circumstances.  The Atlanta dojo reminds me of this simple fact every class and for that I say “Thank You”.

When the book on the Atlanta WYKKO Dojo is written, sections will prominently feature Shihan Marc Garduque and the legacy that he created here in Roswell.   The ill-fated and regrettable event of 2011 will only be a chapter and not define the narrative our story.    With everyone’s contributions and hard work, I believe that we can continue to grow the Roswell dojo and provide quality karate instruction, discipline, and hard training.

Look forward to seeing everyone in 2012!



Ray Nelson