New Students

Dojo Rules

All of the dojo rules are designed to provide a pleasant and productive training environment as well as to help ensure the safety of the students and guests.

Rule #1: Treat Everyone With Respect - When in class, treat your fellow students and your instructors the way you would like to be treated. Communicate using polite terms and nomenclature i.e. "Sir" and "Ma'am"; "Please" and "Thank you"; or "Osu". Bow before entering or exiting the training area. Teasing, taunting, or cursing will not be tolerated.

Rule #2: Do Not Talk While the Instructor is Talking -During class, refrain from talking to other students. If you are talking, it is not possible for you to be listening; thus, you may miss important instructions or announcements. Be sure to raise your hand before answering a question posed by the instructor. Also be sure to raise your hand if you need to leave the class due to injury, illness, or to use the restroom.

Rule #3: There is No Horseplay in the Dojo - There is to be no sparring without the direct supervision of the Chief Instructor. Horseplay would be described as (but not limited to) kicking and punching at one another; chasing each other around the dojo; or climbing up and/or jumping down from the stage or bleachers. This rule is for your safety and the safety of your fellow students.

Rule #4: Do Not Touch Anything that Does Not Belong to You - Students are not to touch the belongings of others. Students are also prohibited from moving any Roswell Parks Department equipment or furniture without the direct supervision of the Chief Instructor. Students should report the findings of weapons or any other unidentified object immediately to a black belt.

Rule #5: Treat Everyone With Respect - This rule is the first rule and the last rule because it is so important. Individuals who cannot or will not learn how to treat themselves, their peers, or their instructors with respect will not succeed in this class. By following this rule, students will be able learn martial arts in a friendly and safe environment.

Dojo Etiquette

  • Remove your shoes before entering the dojo.
  • Before class begins, remove any watches or excess jewelry.
  • Bow when entering or leaving the dojo.
  • If you are late and the class has already bowed in, then enter the seza position and execute the zarei move, and then stand at attention in the back of the class in the middle of the training area until the instructor allows you to line up.
  • Be sure to address all black belts by "Mr." or "Ms." and their last name.
  • If you need to talk to a black belt before or after class, be sure to stand at attention and then bow once you have been acknowledged. Do not simply walk up and interrupt their conversation.
  • There is no gum chewing or eating allowed during class.
  • Please try to keep your finger and toe nails clipped short.

Please take time to review the Frequently Asked Questions and download the Student Handbook from the Documents Section.